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Poetry Readings and Performances

Poetry reading, Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah. February 2016.

Podcast and poetry reading, Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah. February 2016.

Poetry reading at La Junta, Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico, (with Raquel Salas-Rivera and Loretta Colins-Koblah, curated by Nicole Delgado). 30 November 2016.

Poetry reading and performance, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. May 2016.

Poetry reading, with Seminario itinerante/Itinerant Seminar and Beta-Local on Radio Vieques, Vieques, Puerto Rico. August 2015.

Performance, “Queer Indeterminacy, Black (Im)permanence, Dispossession, Survival” for Writing on It All, Governors Island, NY, NY. 6 June 2015.

Performative intervention, “”Heavy Metal and Reflective,” or “Stop Men,” or Monstrous Fugue Out from Social Death, or We’re All Holding… But Meanwhile Not Narcing…”” at Wesleyan University after the drug-related arrests of four students. 26 February 2015.   ** Audio recording made by Anarchy on Air Radio Show **

Performance, “Bitches Betrayed, or, Listening as a Life and Death Practice” [with Mary Ebeling, Drexel University] for transient radio show, “Venimos desde el futuro,” San Juan, Puerto Rico. 14 November 2014.

Poetry reading at Adult Contemporary Reading Series, Brooklyn, NY. April 2014.

Poetry reading with Reina María Rodríguez, University of Pennsylvania. March 2012.

Poetry reading at La Torre de Letras, Havana, Cuba, December. 2010.

“Accented Voices/voces con acento,” with Catalan, Latin American, and U.S. American poets and translators at The Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY. December 2007.

Invited Presentations 

“”From the hysteric’s arsenal”: Writing with Contemporary Puerto Rican Art,” Independent Curators International (ICI) Curatorial Intensive, New Orleans, LA. March 2017.

“”Being Ready for What You Don’t Know”: Sensorial Errancy in Beatriz Santiago Muñoz’s Cinema,” Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah. February 2017.

“Bad Objects,” Beta-Local, San Juan, Puerto Rico. 15 September 2016.

“Insolvency and Reparations,” Communications, Culture & Media Studies Colloquium, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA. May 2016.

“Being Ready for What You Don’t Know: Wandering Brown Forms in Beatriz Santiago Muñoz’s Cinema,” as Center for the Humanities (CHUM) Faculty Fellow, Wesleyan University. April 2016.

““The Audio-visual Shapes of Subjection, or, “Deforming the Promise” and Breaking for Defiance in Pedro Pietri’s The Masses are Asses (1984),”” Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies Salon, Wesleyan University. November 2015.

“‘The Emergency Continues': Deluxe Necessity,” response to Lisa Marie Cacho, “Lawful Injustice: Punishing ‘Status Crimes’ Without Penalty,” Social Death and Survival: Race/Sex/Gender/Vulnerability Series, Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Wesleyan University. 26 March 2015.

“‘Heavy Metal and Reflective,” or “Stop Men,” or Monstrous Fugue Out from Social Death, or We’re All Holding…But Meanwhile Not Narcing…,” Social Death and Survival: Race/Sex/Gender/Vulnerability Series, Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Wesleyan University. 26 February 2015.

“Cuida’o que por allí vienen los anormales”: Truncated Enunciations and The Audio-Visual Shapes of Anomalous Desires in Nuyorican Poetics,” Division 1/Humanities Lecture Series, Wesleyan University. December 2014.

Radically Thoughtful: An Evening with Beatriz Santiago Muñoz” with Mary Ebeling at Film @ International House, Philadelphia, PA. October 2013.

“The Film, Maestra, and The Cuban Literacy Campaign of 1961,” Penn Humanities Forum and Penn Anthropology Museum, Philadelphia, PA. October 2013.

“SB-1070 and the Fugitive Slave Act,” “Forum for Other Citizenships,” The Slought Foundation, Philadelphia, PA. October 2012.

Lecture, “El grito en la poesía y música caribeña y latina,” [“The Cry in Caribbean and Latina/o Poetry and Music”], Latin American Literature Course, University of Havana, Cuba. July 2012.

“Indefinible, cimérica, sino persistente: una poética de las Américas,” [“Indefinable, chimerical, but persistent: a poetics of the Americas”], La Torre de Letras, Havana, Cuba. July 2012.

“The Distinctive Temporalities of Diaspora and Immigration in Sin Nombre, Before Night Falls, and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.” Invited by ACELA (Asociación Cultural de Estudiantes Latinoamericanos), La Casa Latina, University of Pennsylvania. November 2011.

‘“This is how to read / Spain, backwards, like memory, like Arabic /…the only tense / is the past…’: The New World’s Archive, Reading It Inside-Out,” The W. Burghardt Turner Fellowship, Stony Brook University. February 2009.

Public Conferences & Academic Events (Organized / Curated)

Co-organizer with Summer Kim-Lee, two-part panel, “Asian/American and Latina/o Aesthetics of Resistance: A Dialogue on Etiolation, Abnormality, Brownness, Opacity and Rage,” American Studies Association (ASA) Conference, Toronto, Canada. October 2015.

Co-organizer with Victoria Pitts-Taylor, Laura Grappo, and Margot Weiss of University Lecture Series on Social Death and Survival, Wesleyan University. Spring 2015.

Co-organizer with Katherine Brewer Ball and Roy Pérez, the Sexual Art/Sexual Poetics Collective, and Wesleyan’s Center for the Humanities of Queer/Art/Poetics Conference , Wesleyan University. April 2015.

Co-curator with Katherine Brewer Ball of film screening, The Punk Singer (2013; documentary on activist and musician Kathleen Hanna) and public symposium on punk rock and feminism with Sini Anderson (Director) and Tavia Nyong’o (Associate Professor of Performance Studies, NYU). Wesleyan University, October 2014.

Co-organizer with Tsitsi Jaji, “Thinking in Sonic Terms” Symposium in 2013-2014 Mellon Sawyer Seminar, Race Across Time and Space, University of Pennsylvania. March 2014.

Organizer, invited lecture by filmmaker and writer Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, English Department, Wesleyan University. October 2013.

Curator, The Cuban Revolutionary Cinema Film Series, The University of Pennsylvania and Film @ International House. Spring 2012.

Organizer, Bilingual Poetry Reading, Café ’58, The University of Pennsylvania, featuring Cuban National Literary Prize recipient, Reina María Rodríguez. March 2012.

Co-organizer with Eileen Chanza and Emily Churilla, 20th Annual English Graduate Conference. Invited poet: Alexís Gómez Rosa; Keynote speaker: Arlene Dávila. SUNY Stony Brook University, Manhattan. February 2008.

Co-curator, video installation of Coco Fusco’s a/k/a Mrs.George Gilbert, and public talk by Coco Fusco, SUNY Stony Brook University, Manhattan. February 2008.

Conference Papers

“Hysterical Sounds, Post-military Cinema,” American Studies Association (ASA), Chicago, IL. November 2017.

“”I have been forced to hear a lot… I refuse to participate in anything”: Terrorism and the Sounds of Puerto Rican and Nuyorican Feminisms” as part of seminar, “Revolt, Rethink, Retrench: Feminist Thought and Practice, Late 1970s–Mid-1980s,” ASAP/9, Berkeley, CA. October 2017.

“Deluxe Necessity: Insolvency and Reparations in Azealia Banks’ and Rihanna’s Audio-visual Shapes,” Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA), Hartford, CT. March 2016.

“The Audio-visual Shapes of Subjection,” American Studies Association (ASA) Conference, Toronto, Canada. October 2015.

““Feeling Good About Ourselves May Very Well Be Obscene”: Illegality, Fugitivity, and Pleasure in Eduardo Corral’s Poetics,” Queer/ Art/ Poetics: A Conference on the Art of Queer Theory, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT. April 2015.

“Cuidao’ por allí vienen los anormales: Desirous and Truncated Enunciations in Nuyorican Theater, Music, and Narrative,” America Society for Theater Research (ASTR), Baltimore, MD. November 2014.

“”And blackness ahead // Hoy / me / voy”: “Illegal Immigrant” as “Runagate” in Eduardo Corral’s Poem, “Variation on a Theme by José Montoya,”” Mellon Sawyer Seminar: Race Across Time & Space, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. March 2014.

“Richard Rodriguez as a Malinche of Chicana/o Literature,” Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA), Boston, MA. March 2013.

“Uncertainty, Stasis, Mechanization: The Live Cuban Nation in Suite Habana and One Hundred Bottles,” Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA), Scottsdale, AZ. October 2011.

“Junot Díaz, Richard Rodriguez, and “The House that Diaspora Built,”” Caribbean Philosophical Association Conference, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. September 2011.

“Roberto Bolaño’s Inaesthetic Risks: Death, Interested Art, and Poetic Impunity in By Night in Chile,” Program in Latin American Studies, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. April 2008.

“Biopolitics, Danger, and Feminine Subjectivities: The Nomadic Aesthetics of Diamela Eltit, Gilles Deleuze, and Tania Bruguera,” Latin American and Caribbean Studies Conference, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY. April 2007.

“Withdrawing Scripted Identities through Visual Irony: An Economic Narrative of Contemporary Art in Puerto Rico,” International Symposium of the Arts in Society, New York University, New York, NY. February 2007.

“No Nostalgia for Desterradas: Tania Bruguera’s Displaced Performances of Cuban Identity,” Graduate English Conference, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY. February 2007.

“The Tawny Woman In White: Imagining Voice in The Female American,” Graduate English Conference, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY. February 2006.

(Photo credit: Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Club Circo. San Juan, Puerto Rico. July 2017.)