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Otros usos

Cry Bomba: Listening to Brown Poetics

Cry Bomba is an academic book that probes the historical demand of poetics in the field of Latina/o/x Studies as a performative practice of sensing and attending to the sounds made by what we otherwise quarter off as visual, textual, and narrative, as though the senses and genres stay caged in their proper places. Engaging Salsa and Indie music, live and multimedia performance, the novel, theater, poetry, and short experimental films, the book’s multiply inflected audio-visual archive deliberately listens to sites of sonic nonsense, upheaval, sex, and civil disobedience in Puerto Rican, Nuyorican and Chicana/o/x aesthetics. The book’s methodology of poetic listening is an argument for and enactment of subjection and insurrection as audio-visual shapes, emergent from the breaks and touches between brown and black aesthetics. Édouard Glissant, Macha Colón, Héctor Lavoe, Pedro Pietri, Eduardo Corral, and Beatriz Santiago Muñoz are among the artists, writers, and theorists gathered in the book.

The Emotional Lives of Late Capital in Puerto Rico

Co-edited with feminist sociologist Mary Ebeling, a collection of essays about debt, public emotions, and tourism in Puerto Rico.

 Church; Firegold

Video and sound art for “Politricks” exhibition at Casa Bohemia in Bogotá, Colombia. Curated by Nicole Smythe-Johnson.


(Photo: Still from film, Otros Usos, dir. Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, 2014. Courtesy of the artist and Galería Agustina Ferreyra.)