Recent Publications

Mx Hustle” for Catalina Schliebener’s art show Curveball at M E N Gallery, NY, NY. 11/15/2017.

“Towards An Un-American Solidarity: Thinking With Puerto Rico After Hurricane María”. Independent Curators International. 10/30/2017.


Meteor Shower Dias Sin Shower Portada


Meteor Shower / Días Sin Shower (Summer 2017, La Impresora Press, Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico). *$15. (300 copies printed. Sold in various independent art spaces, venues,and bookshops. Contact Ren Ellis Neyra directly for purchase.)





Caribbean cautionary tales cover


Caribbean Cautionary Tales Volume 1 (Winter 2016, La Impresora Press, Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico). *$15. (Contact Beta-Local or Ren Ellis Neyra for purchase.)

Co-edited with Jamaican art writer and independent curator Nicole Smythe-Johnson and Puerto Rican artist Sofia Gallisá Muriente. This book combines short stories, quotes, images and poetic drifts about the Caribbean and life in islands. With contributions from Puerto Rican artists Pablo Guardiola, Tony Cruz and Lorraine Rodríguez, as well as Canarian curator Gilberto González. Printed in Risograph on sugarcane paper by La Impresora in 2016, with support from the Second Great Tropical Biennial. *Available for purchase, 15 USD; Contact rachelellisneyra@gmail.com *

[Co-editado con Nicole Smythe-Johnson y Sofia Gallisá Muriente, este libro combina cuentos cortos, citas, imágenes y divagaciones poéticas sobre el Caribe y la vida en islas.  Con contribuciones de los artistas puertorriqueños Pablo Guardiola, Tony Cruz y Lorraine Rodríguez, así como el curador canario Gilberto González. Impreso en Risograph por La Impresora en 2016, con apoyo de la Segunda Gran Bienal Tropical.]

Reviews and Art Writing

Mx Hustle” for Catalina Schliebener’s art show Curveball at M E N Gallery, NY, NY. 11/15/2017.

“On Digital Sand”, of Agnès Varda’s aesthetic tides, BOMB. 3/27/2017.

“The Stand” post-apocalyptic group show at P! [P Exclamation] ARTFORUM Critic’s Pick. 2/10/2017.

“Ash and Gold, Tim Portlock”  ARTFORUM Critic’s Pick. 6/29/2016.

“The Mind’s Eye,”  ARTFORUM Film Column about Beatriz Santiago Muñoz’s solo show at the New Museum. 5/23/2016.

“Édouard Glissant’s L’Intention poétique/Poetic Intention. Trans. Nathalie Stephens (Nightboat Books),” Obsidian: Literature in the African Diaspora 12.2 (Fall/Winter 2011 *actually published 2013): 93-101.


¿Este flamboyán o este?” in Subtropical Dry, Nicole Cecilia Delgado. La Impresora, San Juan, Puerto Rico. May 2016.

The Idea Rock N’ Roll Song is 3 Minutes Long” as sound recording in Ampersand and in print in Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory 25.3. February 2016.

“¿Este flamboyán o este?” in El Diario de Beta-Local, San Juan, Puerto Rico. August 2015.

The Sublime, Backwards” Center for the Arts Blog, Wesleyan University. September 2014.

“Bebo in Agnefit / Bebo en Agnefit” trans. Susana Haug Morales, and

“Our America, reduxi / Nuestra America, reduxi“, Sargasso: A Journal of Caribbean Literature, Language & Culture 29.1&2 (2012/13): 3-12.

“Antioccidente I [Antioccident I]”,

“Todavía Encallada [Still Shored]”,

“Arte Poética II [Ars Poetica II]” and

“Tras Versos Dionisíacos, Dafne Regresa a Convertirse en Arbol [After Dionysian Lines, Daphne Returns to Becoming a Tree]”, La Gaceta de Cuba 1.1 (2013): 52-53.

Sound Pieces

Bunchadykes, a collaborative concept album. January 2016.

Podcast, Debt and Poetics at Sugar House Sound, Salt Lake City, Utah. February 2017.


“Towards An Un-American Solidarity: Thinking With Puerto Rico After Hurricane María”. Independent Curators International. (November 2017). Web.

“Hearing the Cry in Black Diasporic and Latina/o Poetics,” CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture Web 15.4 (December 2013). Web.

“The Orphic Condition of José Lezama Lima, Derek Walcott, and New World Poetics,” Sargasso: A Journal of Caribbean Literature, Language & Culture 27.1&2 (Fall/Winter 2010/11): 45-68.

“From ¡Patria o muerte! to El rincón de la paciencia: Reading the Cuban Nation in Time in Memorias del subdesarrollo, Fresa y chocolate, and Suite Habana,” La Habana Elegante: Revista semestral de literature y cultura cubana, caribeña, latinoamericana, y de estética 52 (Fall/Winter 2012). Web.